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Email Marketing Account Set-Up + 1st Campaign

SAVE $100 on a  Constant Contact (CTCT) Email Marketing Account Set-Up Service, NOW ONLY $200 (Regular Price $300).  Includes:

1) A Branded Email Template (with your logo, website colors, and branding) that is mobile-responsive and can be re-used in your Constant Contact email marketing campaigns. Including a customized footer.
2) Create an subscriber sign-up form for your website.
3) Create a List Growth Tool, a "Join My List" sign-up" link.
4) Create a Welcome Letter for new registrants.
5) Enter email display & Business Signature Information.
6) Upload your Contact List sent by client via CSV or Excel File Format.
7) Create an Update My Profile email to confirm communication changes with subscribers.
8) Provide email marketing ideas and insights you can put to good use.

SAVE $50 on the design and creation of your 1st Email Marketing Campaign + Execution & Tracking, NOW ONLY $100 (Regular Price $150).  Includes:

•Discussing ideas for your 1st email
-A 1st Basic Email Campaign (1-4 article/blocks) 
•Adding client developed content & subject line
•Add client’s image(s), upload/re-size/edit
•Review 1st draft, make necessary changes to 2 more drafts (Total: 3 drafts) •Schedule and send, with client approval
-All you (the customer) needs to take care of is sending us the content and images. In just a few days you'll get an email designed to suit your company's brand, with links to your key website and social media pages. (Delivery: 2-4 business days) 

SAVE $150 on both Email Marketing Account Set-Up & 1st Email Marketing Campaign Launched, Total Cost NOW ONLY $300 (Regular $450). 

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